Strongest Ether

Worldwide Wealth Creation Project :

Strongest Ether , a free project, aims to spread Crypto to everyone in the world. Hope UEST will be Strongest Ether in 2030


The project creates wealth around the world: The strongest Ether, a free project, aims to spread cryptocurrencies to people around the world.
Hopefully UEST will be the strongest Ether by 2030

The strongest ether (UEST) is a cryptocurrency that starts out with no monetary value and with a high supply.

The strongest ether (UEST) is available to everyone on earth, which is the only currency with enough worldwide supply to be accepted as a store of value and exchange of value.

The strongest Ether (UEST) has 2 long-term goals:

1) The strongest Ether (UEST) supports the adoption of a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

Only 10% of the population will use cryptocurrency in 2019. We need to invite the remaining 90% to test the potential of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, we provide the strongest Ether (UEST), so people can play with this coin without financial risks: create and restore wallets, send to another wallet, check how exchanges work. , ….

2) The strongest Ether (UEST) As a basis for Airdrops, trading all BTC electronic money, ETH..Money transfer money in the world

The strongest ether (UEST) has a long-term goal: after a mass adoption (almost free), it will become the most widespread cryptocurrency in the world. People will believe it because of the practical experience they have with the strongest Ether (UEST).
People will start using the strongest Ether (UEST) as a store of value. When confidence in the currency goes up, the price goes up.

1) The strongest Ether (UEST) is the coin really FREE? For 90%: to distribute money, we must use an exchange and on an exchange, a minimum amount is imposed …

1A) The cheapest we can recommend is $ 0.0000001 (6 zeros after the decimal point). This is not completely free, but very close to completely free

2B) If you create your own “buy order”, this buy order should have a minimum price of 1 USD (limit of buying and selling).
But there is a way around this: Clicking an order in the order book will show “click here to buy”. After that, you can change “amount to buy” to buy 1 UEST for $ 0.0000001

2) Where can we get UEST: at Waves exchange,
and there will be many exchange exchanges listing UEST.

3) UEST is the code of electronic games and sound waves, electronic waves. You can find UEST on the spot:

4) Will UEST raise prices? That is inevitable. It was originally distributed for free, but as more people began to use it, the law of supply and demand would raise prices. The price of a coin is based on the TRUST of peole in a coin. Because people use it effectively, trust will increase over time. The price of UEST is also linked to the price of Waves Coin: if the price of Waves Coin increases, then the value of UEST’s link will increase.
UEST is also very democratic and includes: because the initial distribution is free, everyone in the world can become a UEST owner.

Strongest Ether , a free project, aims to spread Crypto to everyone in the world.

Hope UEST will be Strongest Ether in 2030

Token name : Strongest Ether

Symbol : UEST

Decimal numbers : 3

Total supply : 999,999,999,999 UEST

Asset ID : EPcNxufXESYnpTY6kHAxie3ErZX6xf5NysKYYGetLhhg

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